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High Definition Pro Tools Recording in Austin, Texas

MoonHouse Studio, located in south Austin, Texas, is owned and operated by indie artists Chris Gage and Christine Albert and has become a home away from home for many of Austin's finest artists and musicians. We're running a state of the art Pro Tools HDX system on a cylindrical Mac Pro, and offer the use of many vintage keyboards and guitars.

Mr. Gage is a master multi-instrumentalist...check his discography.  Quite often artists come to the MoonHouse for his blend of musicianship and production expertise.

Please browse the site,  check out the new facility and drop us a line.  We'd like to help you out with your next recording project.    email Chris    how to get here

"The coffee is on, and the vibe is right." 

Check out Emily Franklin - "Both Sides Now"

 Chris Gage - chief engineer, producer, musician and creative consultant

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