MoonHouse Studio Clients and Musicians

Produced by Chris Gage:

Abi Tapia
Albert and Gage
Alison Downey
Bill Small
Boyd Bristow
Casey Yeager
Christine Albert
Cowboy Johnson
Frank Cavitt
Jody Mills
Kiya Heartwood
Lawrence J. Clark
Lesli Wood
Leticia Rodriguez
Michael Austin
Richard Paul Thomas
Rio King
Sarah Smith
Scott George
Steve Brooks
Suite Journey
The Flyin' A's
Todd Hoke
Tom Peterson


Adler and Hearne
Austin Homegrown
Austin Mayse
Bill Oliver
Brenda Jean Searcy
Bob Cheevers
Bob Livingston
Boyd Bristow
Brian Langlinais
Carrington McDuffie
Chan Chandler
Chrysta Bell
Connie Mims
Craig Calvert
Danny Britt
Davin James
Dick Walker
Eddie Prado
Eliza Gilkyson
Emily Berry
Erik Moll
Garreth Broesche
Grant Gillespie
Grouchy Like Riley
Hank Sames
Hill Country Youth Ranch
Jaime Michaels
Jan Seides
Jeannie C. Reilly
Jenny Gillespie
Jerry Jeff Walker
Jim Cox
Jimmy Ruggiere
Joe Shy
Josh Grider
Karen Mal
Karl Heinz Siber
Katie Gosnell
Keith Rea
Kerry Grombacher
Kira Small
Lissa Hattersley
Mike Clifford
Murphy's In-Laws
Paula McKay
Red Willow Band
Roger Creager
Sharon Bousquet
Sissy Siero
Susan Herndon
Terry Smith
The Greencards
The Walburg Boys
Tony Airoldi
Wesley Cox

Films - Games - TV - Jingles

Z - A Zombie Musical
     (Music by Troupe Gammage
ABC Home and Commercial Services
Acclaim - Turok IV
Acclaim - Major League Baseball
American Greetings
Paramount Pictures
Planned Parenthood - Soundtrack
TexStar Ford - Stephenville TX
Warthog Studio - Johnny Whatever

Producers / Record Labels:

Alton and Maggie Warwick
Bill Small
Bob Cheevers
Bob Livingston
Brenda Jean
Carrington McDuffie
Chan Chandler
Charlie White
Chris Gage
Christine Albert
Craig Calvert
Davin James
Davy Sturtevant
Eliza Gilkyson
Jack Hazzard
Johnny Gringo
Lissa Hattersley
Lloyd Maines
Mike Clifford
MoonHouse Records
Oscar Houchins
Paul Leeman
Sharon Bousquet
Walt Wilkins
Zak Hruska

Session Musicians:

Aaron Lack (steel pan drums)
Barry "Frosty" Smith (drums)
Bill Kirchen (guitar)
Bill Small   (vocals)
Boo Resnick (bass)
Boyd Bristow  (guitar, vocals)
Brendon Anthony (fiddle)
Brian Beken (fiddle)
Brian Standefer (cello)
Bruce Logan   (drums and percussion)
Buzz Evans   (pedal steel)
Charlie Irwin (bass
Chip Dolan (keyboards and accordion)
Courtney Audain   (bass, percussion)
Craig Calvert (vocals)
Danny Hawk (pedal steel)
Darcie Deville   (fiddle)
David Carroll   (bass)
David Roach   (keyboards)
Davy Sturtevant  (guitar)
Dustin Welch (banjo)
Eamon McGloughin   (fiddle)
Earl Poole Ball   (piano)
Eddie Cantu   (drums and percussion)
Eddie Collins (banjo)
Eleanor Whitmore   (fiddle)
Eliza Gilkyson   (vocals)
Ephraim Owens (trumpet)
Erik Hokkenen (guitar and fiddle)
Ezra Idlet (vocals)
Freebo (fretless bass)
Glenn Fukunaga   (bass)
Glenn Kawamoto   (bass)
James Hand (vocals)
James Pennebaker (electric guitar)
Jeff Tveraas (vocals, guitar)
Jimmy Davis   (vocals)
Jimmy Shortell (trumpet)
Jimmy Ruggiere (harmonica)
Joe Resnick (drums)
Joey Delalousey (vocals)
John Arthur Martinez (vocals)
John Carroll (guitar)
John Hagen   (cello)
John Jordan   (bass)
John Mills   (sax, clarinet)
Johnny Greenberg   (guitar)
Jon Blondell   (trombone)
Kaz Kazanoff  (saxophone)
Kenny Harrell (vocals)
Kevin Hall (drums)
Kira Small   (vocals)
Kristen DeWitt (vocals)
Kym Warner   (mandolin)
Leanne Atherton (vocals)
Lloyd Maines (everything)
Marty Muse   (pedal steel)
Mike Blakely (vocals)
Mike "t-Bird" Jackson (guitar)
Monte Montgomery   (guitar)
Nakia (vocals)
Nancy Scott (vocals)
Nick Hurt (vocals)
Olivier Giraud   (guitar)
Oscar Houchins (keyboards)
Paul Glasse   (mandolin)
Paul Pearcy   (drums and percussion)
Phoebe Hunt (violin)
Redd Volkaert   (guitar)
Rich White (drums)
Richard Bowden (fiddle)
Rick Connell (drums)
Ron Knuth   (fiddle)
Ron Irwin (drums and percussion)
Scott Walls   (pedal steel)
Shawn Saunders   (cello)
Sissy Siero   (vocals)
Stephen Doster (guitar)
Sweet Mary Hattersley   (violin)
Tina Wilkins   (vocals)
Tom Pittman   (banjo)
Troupe Gammage (vocals)
Van Wilks (guitar)
Warren Hood (fiddle)
Waylon Payne (vocals)
Will Sexton (guitar)
Will Taylor   (violin and viola)
Zhenya Kolykhanov    (balalaika, banjo)

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