When you step into MoonHouse Studio, you know you are in Austin. Located just a few miles from downtown and with easy access to great local restaurants, the vibe is relaxed and warm. Artist / owners Chris Gage and Christine Albert have created an environment that inspires creativity with its earth tones, rich wood accents, local art and thrift store finds. The service and gear are first class all the way. Read more: The history of MoonHouse Studio

Producer / engineer / multi-instrumentalist / Pro Tools wiz Chris Gage is at the wheel in the control room, with direct line of sight and a talk back system that facilitates easy communication for everyone involved. The digital recording technology is state of the art, and Chris’s uncanny musical talent as a multi-instrumentalist insures that it is used to support and enhance the artist’s natural creativity, not to tamper with or change it.

After three decades of recording and touring, studio manager Christine Albert understands the needs of the creative artist and makes sure that the environment is nurturing, comfortable and efficient. The studio provides wireless access to the internet for laptops, a computer and a printer – tools that are essential for today’s busy professional. The kitchen is stocked with water, coffee, tea and snacks and the medicine cabinet is prepared for headaches, laryngitis and indigestion. We strive to make MoonHouse Studio a perfect blend of a home studio and a commercial facility; even though it's nestled in our home it's professional all the way.

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